Album #250: Napalm Death – Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism

Critics often turn their noses up at death metal, but it’s about the only form of metal I have any time for. It still isn’t really for me, but I’d always choose a couple of minutes of thrashing, thundering and bellowing over, say, Guns ‘N Roses fingering away for 15 minutes while Axl Rose disappears up his own arse.

Album #246: Pale Saints – The Comforts of Madness

Purely through coincidence, I’m reviewing my second consecutive 1990 album on released on the 4AD label. Pale Saints’ debut The Comforts of Madness popped up as a recommendation for me on Apple Music. I like the songs I’ve heard from them in the past, like ‘Sight of You’ (taken from this album) and ‘Half Life, Remembered’ (from an EP released later in 1990), so why not?

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