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Album #323: Affet Robot – Röntgen

  • Released: 2017
  • Origin: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Label: 1061484 Records
  • Best Track: 18-80

The website, which to its credit does its best to spotlight under-the-radar acts from around the world, recently featured Turkish one-man project Affet Robot. I’m always keen to listen to stuff from outside the English-speaking world, so I checked out the 2017 album Röntgen.

Eren Günsan is the man behind the noise, producing haunting, synth-heavy darkwave with lyrics and song titles in his native tongue. This is very much an album of two halves, I’d say, with the first half being passable enough. The songs are fine to listen to, even if the “da da da da” of ‘Yüzüme Dokunma’ is a bit much!

The second half of the record is a lot stronger in my opinion, starting with the pulsing ‘Süper Tank’ and leading to the haunting 8-bit video game style hook of ‘Tam Yaşayacakken Öldük’. Topping the lot is the stark and rumbling ’18-80′.

Not a perfect album, but a lot to build on. With synth-poppy new single ‘Budala’ out last month, I look forward to hearing more from this producer.

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