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Album #321: Soft Kill – Dead Kids R.I.P. City

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Label: Cercle Social
  • Best Track: Matty Rue

First newly released album on my list today is this one from post-punk/dream-pop band Soft Kill.

I didn’t realise how long these had been around, releasing music since 2011. I really liked their 2018 album Savior, particularly the awesome track ‘Trying Not to Die’.

If anything, they take it up a level with Dead Kids R.I.P. City. Wonderful tracks like ‘Wanting War’ and ‘Matty Rue’, the latter sounding like M83 at their best, point to a band that has honed its craft.

These are ably supplemented by belters like ‘Floodgate’ , ‘Crimey’ and ‘Ducky’, and an intriguingly deep closer in ‘I Needed the Pain’.

On first listen, I wasn’t sure if this album dragged a little at 47 minutes, but it really doesn’t. Besides, there’s no weak track to provide an obvious cull. A superb record.

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