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Album #364: Heads. – Push

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Berlin, Germany
  • Label: Glitterhouse
  • Best Track: Paradise

I listened to this one upon its release in May but never got round to a write-up of it.

Refreshing myself now with this second album from German noise-rockers Heads., I think I remember why I hesitated. There’s something about it I find hard to review. It’s good and I like it, I just find it a bit hard to describe why or what it is I like, and more specifically why I don’t quite love it.

The overall sound – the razor-raw guitars and industrial, deliberately wobbly vocals – are probably what makes it worth listening to, more so than any particular track on the record. That said, I love the incessant clanging riff of ‘Push You Out to Sea’ and the driving melee and brute force of ‘Paradise’, which almost sounds like two tracks within one.

I feel like I should like it more. Somehow it doesn’t quite sustain my attention, despite all the ingredients being there. Maybe it will do in time.

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