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Album #278: Coastlands – Death

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Label: Dunk!
  • Best Track: Dead Friends

I can’t remember who or what made me add this new release from Coastlands to my list of albums to check out, but it’s on there, so let’s do it.

Death is the band’s fourth album, and it’s another one of those six-track, 40-minute post-metal records that I’m just not that good at reviewing, so I’ll keep it relatively brief.

It’s loud, very loud! The first couple of tracks are truly face-melting with their volume and multiple layers. It’s also entirely instrumental, except for near the end of ‘Dead Friends’, when Dustin Coffman of the band Glassing is on hand with some roared, guttural vocals.

As usual with this genre, I’m not enthralled by it, but it is an impressive soundscape.

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