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Album #358: Jehnny Beth – To Love is to Live

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Poitiers, France
  • Label: Caroline
  • Best Track: Flower

I haven’t really managed to generate anything more than a passing admiration of Jehnny Beth and her band Savages. I have a feeling I might do in time, and Savages without doubt have one or two brilliant tracks (most notably ‘Husbands’), but I feel like I’m still digesting a lot of it.

Beth released her first solo album in June, and it’s one I couldn’t let the year pass without checking out. I feel the same again really – I quite like it, but somehow can’t love it. It’s got great moments, particularly the heavenly chorus of ‘Flower’.

Some of the album’s more tender and stripped down tracks stand out, like ‘The Rooms’ and ‘French Countryside’. Similarly striking is the pounding, industrial ‘I’m The Man’, even if I’m not sure I like it!

I admire the artistry, basically, and Beth’s ability to transition from almost classical piano to heavy rock. Whether I’m truly into it though I’m not so sure.

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