Album #311: Spectres – It’s Never Going to Happen and This is Why

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Bristol, UK
  • Label: Self-released
  • Best Track: On Nepotism

British post-punk is unmistakable isn’t it? Dank and miserable, much like our country often is, it is an institution.

A lot of it is going on in Bristol, where Spectres, a band I’ve never heard before, released their brilliantly titled new album It’s Never Going to Happen and This is Why a couple of weeks ago.

When discussing the new Slow Readers Club album recently, I said I thought it was an OK-ish album with a couple of great songs. This is very much the opposite – I wouldn’t say there’s a brilliant track on it, but I really like the album.

There certainly isn’t a weak track either, and standout moments include the sonic experimentation of ‘Define ‘With’ ‘, the krautrock repetition of ‘An Annihilation of the Self’, the chaotic mess of ‘On Nepotism’, and finally, the gritty, eight-minute hum of closer ‘I Was An Abattoir’.

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