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Album #350: Ganser – Just Look at that Sky

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Label: felte
  • Best Track: Emergency Equipment and Exits

With very little being released this Friday and the next one being Christmas Day, I’ll be rounding off this project with releases from earlier in the year and anything from further back into the past that comes into my head.

Post-punk/art-rock band Ganser released their third album back in July. I’ve never heard anything from this lot, but they sound like my scene.

It’s a very decent listen. One of those a bit like the Adulkt Life album I reviewed a few weeks ago where I’d struggle to say there’s a brilliant track, but it is a nonetheless a cracking album.

I enjoy Alicia Gaines’ largely spoken delivery. The album probably peaks in its first few tracks, with the dissonant opener ‘Lucky’, the fury of ‘Projector’, and the driving paranoia of ‘Emergency Equipment and Exits’. Not that the rest of it is bad!

I don’t know how it sits in with their other two albums, but in isolation, it’s certainly worth checking out.

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