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Let’s leave it at that

I’ve decided I’m going to retire this blog. I started 2021 with weekly reviews, then after getting behind I thought I might do it monthly, but I’m finding that without a clear challenge like the 366 Albums, 1 Year project, I don’t have the appetite.

I’ll keep it online as a journal of my musical journey and how albums preserved my sanity in a year like no other. I’ll gradually start proof-reading all the bumph I wrote during 2020 and perhaps look into creating an eBook or other document out of it all. I appreciate it’s very hard to find what you’re looking for in this free WordPress blog, so maybe it would be nice to have something you can just sit back and read.

Thanks to anyone who has read it and persevered with my idiosyncratic style and ill-informed opinions. I’m still listening to just as much music, but need to occupy my time in a different way now.

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