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Album #351: Indian Queens – God Is a Woman

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: London, England
  • Label: Cool Thing
  • Best Track: Some Kinda Blue

I can’t find a great deal out about Indian Queens. They don’t even appear to have a Bandcamp page of their own, instead having their debut album God Is A Woman appear under the listing for their label Cool Thing Records.

Based on that alone, I didn’t really expect much from this album, which was released in early April. I’m pleasantly surprised – it really doesn’t lack identity and songwriting craft, and deserves your time.

It’s hard to categorise too, with good variety between the tracks, great choruses and thought-provoking lyrics. ‘Some Kinda Blue’ is the band at their band, with the sinister, low-end piano-enhanced verse and breezier, captivating chorus.

After that, we have the driving and effortlessly summery ‘Wanderlust’, shades of Massive Attack on ‘I Get No Rest’, murky dream-pop in ‘You Came Over Late’ and real Cocteau Twins auras in final two tracks ‘Shoot for Sexy’ and ‘Walk’. All get better and better with repeated listens.

I’m weighing up my albums of the year right now, and this may well have displaced some of those in the upper echelons. Very impressive indeed.


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