Album #167: Pottery – Welcome to Bobby’s Motel

After a couple of very decent LPs last year, I’ve been looking forward to the debut album from zany and funky indie-rockers Pottery. Here it is, and it somehow feels like the perfect soundtrack to being in the midst of both a heatwave and a pandemic. It’s exuberant and danceable, yet surreal and nonsensical at the same time.

Album #110: X – Alphabetland

Well, well – a new X album! Where did this come from? Though the legendary LA punk band have never officially split up since forming in 1977 – largely keeping the same lineup in fact – it’s been 27 years since they last put out an album and though there was talk of them heading back into the studio, it was largely met with a “yeah, right!” reaction.

Album #11: Bombay Bicycle Club – Everything Else Has Gone Wrong

This isn’t a great thing to admit, but I wouldn’t say I’m a music fan who reacts too well to change. While most critics tend to expect bands to mature and develop their sound, I’m quite happy for them to stick to a winning formula, rather than try something new and stuff it up.

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