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Album #327: A. E. Bizottság – Kalandra fel!!

  • Released: 1983
  • Origin: Szentendre, Hungary
  • Label: Hungaroton
  • Best Track: Egy Lány Kéne Nekem

I’ve no idea how I discovered this one – probably just larking around looking for obscure Eastern European music.

A. E. Bizottság were are Hungarian art collective in the early ’80s whose name means “Albert Einstein Committee”. Kalandra fel!! was the only studio album they released.

It’s extraordinarily odd, and difficult to review. The tracks kind of flow into each other, and feel like they have different “movements” within them. I’ve gone with ‘Egy Lány Kéne Nekem’ as best track, with its mix of sludgy guitars, squawking off-key brass and acerbic vocals.

Probably Suicide (due to the singer’s sudden yelps) and Einstürzende Neubauten (thanks to the industrial playfulness and dissonance) are the closest acts I can compare this to. Just take it for what it is I suppose – arty, experimentative and deeply obscure.

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