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Album #325: The Cribs – Night Network

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Wakefield, England
  • Label: PIAS
  • Best Track: Never Thought I’d Feel Again

The first time I heard The Cribs, which will have been well over a decade ago, I thought they were rubbish. I’m pretty sure I was pissed and just being a bit of an arrogant sod. I’ve since learned that they’re not rubbish at all, but have still never listened to an album.

A brand new eighth album coming out last Friday seems a good chance to change that. From what I’ve read, Night Network is a return to the band’s traditional indie-rock sound.

In parts, it reminds me why I might not have liked the band initially. Some tracks do my nut in, like ‘She’s My Style’ and ‘I Don’t Know Who I Am’. There’s just a bit too much “woah-oh” stuff going on, and it makes me think of Soccer AM.

They can serve up a tune though, and the more garage-rocky ‘Never Thought I’d Feel Again’ and post-punky ‘The Weather Speaks Your Name’ are more up my street, and closer ‘Earl & Duke’ is a nice mellow and summery end to the album.

The Cribs are very good at what they do, there’s no doubt about that. I’m still not sure that what they do is for me though.

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