Album #308: The Angelic Process – Weighing Souls with Sand

  • Released: 2007
  • Origin: Macon, Georgia, USA
  • Label: Burning World
  • Best Track: Weighing Souls with Sand

Mention shoegaze to most people and they’ll either look at you blankly, or recognise it as a very niche genre featuring My Bloody Valentine and a couple of other bands that aped them. In truth, shoegaze can be anything from the ambient lounge vibes of Spiritualized and Stereolab, to the eardrum-splitting pulverisation of instruments toted by A Place to Bury Strangers. Some would lump the Deftones into the genre, along with Alcest and other acts veering towards black/drone metal.

Definitely on that end of the spectrum were The Angelic Process, a duo shrouded in tragedy. Fifth album Weighing Souls with Sand turned out to be the band’s last after vocalist and guitarist Kris Angylus took his own life the following year.

Perhaps some of Angylus’ depression comes out in the brutal and often unsettling music. The title track is absolute chaos and commotion, somehow reminding of the creepy but complete bollocks ‘Well to Hell’ hoax.

The album is a meticulous piece of work. For me, though, it didn’t need to be anything like an hour and eight minutes long!

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