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Album #301: President Evil – President Evil

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Label: Corpus
  • Best Track: Two Years Later

This album was posted on the Facebook page of the band Show Me the Body last week, without explanation.

I’m still not entirely sure who (or what) President Evil are (or is). I initially thought this was by a ’00s German metalcore group of the same name, but it appears to be something from the Corpus community set up by Show Me the Body themselves.

Given the name of the band and the timing of the release (last Friday) it seems a fitting one to review on this day when hopefully they’ll decide they’ll stick they’re own “President Evil” firmly in the bin over there in the US. The tone of this record though, which splices heavy rock and electronica in a way not unlike German bands Rammstein and Atari Teenage Riot, is not overtly political though.

You can perhaps see undertones of political frustration in ‘Grind’, with its refrains of “control” and “all of the people they come from the back to the front”. Similarly the screeching and brute force of ‘Two Years Later’, which stands out on the record.

Still don’t really get it, but I like it all the same!

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