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Album #293: Nation of Ulysses – 13-Point Program to Destroy America

  • Released: 1991
  • Origin: Washington, D. C., USA
  • Label: Dischord
  • Best Track:

A D.C. hardcore band I’ve never really got round to listening is Nation of Ulysses, so it’s about time that changed.

I think 1991 is perhaps the best year music has ever had. You can go to just about any week and see an album released that’s not just good, but a genre-defining classic. Perhaps no surprise then that the year saw Nation of Ulysses release this highly regarded debut.

It’s a bit of a grower. On first listen, it seemed a bit of an unexciting din, but I’ve come round to it after a few plays. I think the best tracks are the ones accompanied by the hard-edged, off-key saxophone, ‘Ulythium’ and ‘Aspirin Kid’. I imagine this might be one of the earliest examples of brass instruments in hardcore punk.

When I hear their fellow D.C. hardcore band Fugazi, I think of a band that was ahead of its time and influenced hundreds to come. I don’t really feel that with Nation of Ulysses – they seem more like just a part of the scene. Still, what a scene to have been a part of!

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