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Album #292: The Adolescents – Russian Spider Dump

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Fullerton, California, USA
  • Label: Cleopatra
  • Best Track: Back Door

Contrary to their name, the Adolescents are one of the veterans of U.S. hardcore punk, with the members fast approaching 60 and the band’s origins dating back to 1980.

Their brand new album Russian Spider Dump is 15 cover tracks in homage to the bands they’ve grown up and shared a scene with, including The Germs and Redd Kross. I’ll confess I didn’t realise that until I read up on the album, although I was thinking one or two of the songs sounded familiar, and that it was a bit odd for fellas of their age to belt out lyrics like “I like drugs, they get me so high” without irony.

It’s a bit of fun, basically, peaking with the final two tracks ‘Not With You’ and ‘Back Door’. Punk record of the year it is not, but with the US elections next week and a desperate need to get the great orange bigot in the bin once and for all, it’s a well-timed slice of honest, old-fashioned rage.

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