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Album #300: Hundredth – Somewhere Nowhere

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
  • Label: Self-released
  • Best Track: Cauterize

It’s entirely coincidental that Hundredth are responsible for the three-hundredth entry on this blog. It’s also an album I thought only came out last week or the week before, but it was actually all the way back on October 9th – a sure sign that time has lost all meaning!

I don’t think I’ve heard anything before from this shoegaze/indie-pop crossover, and fourth album Somewhere Nowhere doesn’t really make to want to go back and investigate it. It’s a shame really because there are things they do well, but something about the music just doesn’t click with me.

I’m definitely not keen on it vocally, where it reminds me of The 1975 – very poppy and computer-aided. Some songs, like ‘Out of Sight’ almost sound like they’ve been written to be pop songs and then given a shoegaze makeover. Likewise ‘Bottle It Up’, but I get on with that one a bit better thanks to a catchy chorus and the twinkling keyboards.

I think the songs work best when the vocals are more understated, and this is why ‘Cauterize’ stands out. It features a nice play on words if it’s deliberate (cauterize/caught her eyes?).

They’d have been better quitting while they were ahead though, as the final three tracks are pretty weak in my opinion, and add nothing to the album but length. It all adds up to a record that, despite some promise, is a bit more miss than hit.

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