Album #335: Dead Mellotron – Glitter

  • Released: 2012
  • Origin: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • Label: Sonic Cathedral
  • Best Track: Can’t See

“Best shoegaze album of 2014. Then they split up,” effused a member of the Shoegaze, Dream Pop & Nugaze Facebook group on a post about Dead Mellotron’s Glitter. It was enough to encourage me to listen to it.

It seems the fan was a couple of years out – Discogs and Apple Music both have this down as a 2012 album – but whatever the year, it’s a splendid release.

Only 27 minutes long, it doesn’t leave you feeling short-changed, with pianos working their way into the beautiful instrumental ‘Bye’, and lost, pleasantly out-of-key vocals giving an ethereal quality to ‘Making Up’ and ‘Babe’. Top of the lot is ‘Can’t See’, which opens with a mumbly, moody low-key prelude before diving into the sea of layered guitars.

A great shoegaze record from the “whatever happened to…” files.

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