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Album #266: Death Valley Girls – Under the Spell of Joy

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Label: Suicide Squeeze
  • Best Track: Hey Dena

After a phenomenal last Friday of September for releases, not much at all leapt out at me on the Friday just gone. I’ve plucked out Death Valley Girls for their cool name and descriptions that sound like my sort of thing.

Under the Spell of Joy looks like their fifth album, but I’ve never listened to them before. They’re certainly a decent band with and drone-like sound overlaid by some interesting singing, which is more like a group chant than any sort of lead vocals, particularly on the title track.

It’s a generally solid album without having a brilliant standout track. ‘Hey Dena’ and ‘It All Washes Away’ are good moments, while ‘Little Things’ is probably the best one to sing along to.

Just the right length to avoid getting repetition, the album’s lyrics and vocals provide a sense of togetherness – something we really need right now, I suppose.

In terms of this blog, my challenge now becomes 100 albums in 88 days, which works out roughly eight per week. I’m fairly happy with that but no doubt there will be good and bad days ahead.

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