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Album #290: The Metatrons – Deconstruction

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Hitchin, England
  • Label: Chapter 22
  • Best Track: Again

I didn’t have much on my list for the Friday just gone, but I’ve stumbled upon some interesting albums since. This one just popped up on my Facebook on Friday, and I can’t remember who shared it, what they were saying about it, or what prompted me to listen to it.

Whatever it was, Deconstruction is the third album from The Metatrons, and it turns out its some pretty damn catchy garage-pop with more than a tinge of punk, and a fine vocalist in Polly Hinksman. They call themselves “fuzzy riot pop” on their Bandcamp, and while the tone is more happy than angry, there’s certainly a hard, scuzzy edge that prevents it all getting a bit cheesy.

They actually make me think of a ’90s Britpop band somewhere in-between Elastica and Saint Etienne, but somehow a bit better than both. I adore opening track ‘Again’, and in fact the first three tracks are all wonderful.

Although it doesn’t quite maintain that quality throughout, it remains melodic and punchy, with ‘Sound Bites’ bringing back the surf-rock gallop to the drums, and the best vocal display on the mellower ‘I Hear You’.

Fun and infectious. A great find!

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