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Album #281: The Bodines – Played

From what I’ve read about The Bodines, theirs is a story of what might have been. Readily associated with the C86 sound and arguably the British indie band of the moment at one time, they made the decision to build on this by moving from the independent Creation label to the mainstream Magnet for their debut album Played.

Album #280: Autechre – SIGN

After being spoilt rotten for new releases over the last few Fridays, I couldn’t see much at all that interested me today. Oh Sees and HEALTH both have new albums out, but the rule of no more than one album per artist I set myself at the start of this challenge means I can’t do them – especially annoying with Oh Sees because on first listen, I think I prefer their new one to the one I reviewed.

Album #206: Alanis Morissette – Such Pretty Forks in the Road

If your experience of Alanis Morissette is limited to her 1995 album Jagged Little Pill (and I’ll admit mine doesn’t go much further than that), you probably instantly associate her name with angsty, keen-tongued songs that make you think you absolutely do not want to dump or be dumped by her.

Album #113: Deacon Blue – City of Love

There’s no doubt that Deacon Blue have written some of the best pop songs ever. I’m mentioned before about my habit of watching the Friday night BBC Four re-runs of Top of the Pops on this blog. As they were working their way through late 1988 when ‘Real Gone Kid’ was in the charts, the excitement around that song was palpable. It’s almost like the presenters were saying “now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…”

Albums #80: Waxahatchee – Saint Cloud

Katie Crutchfield, aka Waxahatchee, is an interesting artist. From what I’ve heard (and to her credit) she sounds pretty different from one album to the next. I liked her last album, 2017’s Out in the Storm, which had a bit of an ’80s synth vibe in parts. ‘Hear You’ was a great song in particular, that stayed in my head for weeks.

Album #13: … And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – X: The Godless Void and Other Stories

It’s a shame that over time, …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead’s once awesome name has come to sound a bit post-2000 emo. The turn of the millennium saw bands with names like Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) and The Number Twelve Looks Like You come along, so we got used to ridiculously long, nonsensical band names, and associated a particular kind of music with them.