Album #215: Mr. Wu’s Pigs – Sick of Death

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Deal, Kent, England
  • Label: Self-released (I think)
  • Best Track: Poking the Bear

After seeing it on a Facebook group, I’ve just had a spontaneous listen to the latest album from garage punk Mr. Wu’s Pigs.

David Tombesi-Walton is the man behind the noise, assisted by one or two friends on the way. Sick of Death was released last week and appears to be his second album of 2020.

The songs have a constant garagey, buzzsaw guitar sound ravaging through them. By no means do they all sound the same though, with the guest vocalists doing their bit to introduce some variety. The two best tracks are probably ‘Trashcan Killer’ (featuring Ciaran Lee Marlow) and better still, the acerbic ‘Poking the Bear’ (Jim Jam).

Tombesi-Walton called his debut album It Is What It Is in 2018, and that seems to sum up his attitude. This is raw and unpretentious music, angry yet melodic and often funny, and I enjoyed it.

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