Album #228: Girls in Synthesis – Now Here’s an Echo from Your Future

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: London, England
  • Label: Own It
  • Best Track: The Images Agree

After countless singles and EPs over the last few years, Londoners Girls in Synthesis finally brought out their debut album yesterday.

Now Here’s an Echo from Your Future is half an hour of raucous, intelligent punk. It’s reminiscent of the squawk and volume of ’80s anarcho-punks Icons of Fifth, and in a similar vein to their contemporaries Bad Breeding.

It’s a good time for it too. I mean, 2020 is pretty crap everywhere, but England seems particularly desperate to blow off its kneecaps and writhe around in its own shit right now. It needs a few bands to shake some sense into the country, and Girls in Synthesis are one of several key names in a timely British punk/post-punk scene.

I kind of like the most repetitive tracks on this album best. The guitars on ‘They’re Not Listening’ saw away like razorwire, while the intensity of ‘The Images Agree’ is a total headrush.

It’s a fine debut. Listen to it loud!

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