Album #118: I Break Horses – Warnings

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Label: Bella Union
  • Best Track: Death Engine

I don’t know why I’ve never listened to I Break Horses before. There are all sorts of reasons why I should have. They’re gazy. They’re a bit depressing. They’re Scandanavian, which is always a selling point for me!

Warnings, their first album in six years, is superb. It actually feels like six years has gone into it, and not in a horrible overworked sort of way.

I’m being much briefer here than I should be, as this weekend’s become a bit hectic, but right from opener ‘Turn’ you know this is an album you can feel as well as hear. It hits its highest point on ‘Death Engine’, with its winding, haunting keyboard hook.

As I say, not a review that’s really doing the album justice due to my own time constraints, but I will be giving it further attention.

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