Album #119: Empty Country – Empty Country

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Label: Get Better
  • Best Track: Marian

Going back to mid-March for this release, Empty Country is the new solo project from Cymbals Eat Guitars’ Joseph D’Agostino.

First things first, I’m really taken aback by how much variety is on this record. I’m struggling to think of an album that starts with three tracks so different. Opener ‘Marian’ sounds like something Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac might have come up with together. It’s a great tune, fading out with these gloriously wistful sighs.

That’s followed by ‘Diamond’ with its stomping, folky rhythm reminding me of a better than usual Mumford & Sons song, before ‘Ultrsound’ leads us in an almost emo direction, with the vocals given a garage rock underscore.

The album continues to transcend genres throughout. ‘Emerald’ is back in the vein of the opener, while ‘Chance’ has shades of the glacial cooing of Sigur Rós.

I’m name-dropping a lot of influences, but D’Agostino has carved out a sound of his own here. A very nice piece of work!

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