Album #239: Seatemples – Trópicos

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Chile
  • Label: Self-released
  • Best Track: M.I.S.

The website is a great resource for discovering off-the-radar bands from the genre, often from underrepresented parts of the world. I’ve just discovered the Chilean band Seatemples on there and checked out their new second album Trópicos.

Self-released, and only available on YouTube without buying a physical copy as far as I can see, this is pretty obscure stuff. It deserves a spotlight though, because while it’s not ground-breaking, it is a solid crossover of post-punk and shoegaze.

It’s certainly nicely produced, apparently by Daniel Knowles who has worked with DIIV and Amusement Parks on Fires. You do need a decent sound engineer to get the most out of music like this, and on this record, the bass is heavy and echoing, the keyboards are probing and the vocals are distant and low in the murky mix.

Opening track ‘M.I.S.’ was the one I had heard in advance and remains probably the high spot of the album, although I was also impressed by the Spanish language tracks ‘Verde Catedral’ and ‘Desierto’.

I think there’s neither a bad nor a brilliant track on Trópicos, with the whole thing just being generally strong. If you like this kind of music as much as me, you’ll enjoy this record.

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