Album #238: Few Bits – Few Bits

  • Released: 2013
  • Origin: Antwerp, Belgium
  • Label: Zealrecords
  • Best Track: The Wolves

A random memory that seems to have come from nowhere has prompted today’s listen. In 2016, I listened to the album Big Sparks by Belgian indie/folk band Few Bits. It didn’t seem to make much of an impression on the world of music, but I thought it was a really good album.

Even so, I’d just about forgotten all about it until something prompted me to check if they had released anything since. Turns out they haven’t and may well have called it a day, but I was surprised to find they did release an album three years earlier. I wrongly had Big Sparks down as their debut.

Their self-titled debut came out in 2013 (remember 2013, when everything was kind of normal and boring?). It’s a decent enough first album, although it lacks some of the oomph and variety of the follow-up. If I’d heard this one first, it’s unlikely I would have been in a rush to hear the second.

Still, it has its peaks. ‘The Wolves’ is a brooding, driving piece of work with dreamy vocals, while ‘People’ twinkles and meanders. ‘Pick You Up’ isn’t bad either with its folky, bassy rhythm.

It’s a shame if Few Bits have packed it in, as Big Sparks certainly showed they could write in a variety of styles, and while this debut could be more exciting, it was the groundwork they built on well three years later.

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