Album #73: DAF – Für Immer

  • Released: 1982
  • Origin: Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Label: Virgin
  • Best Track: Ein Bisschen Krieg

I heard the track ‘Kebabträume’ on 6 Music the other night, after which it was revealed that Gabi Delgado, singer and founding member of German electropunk outfit Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF), had passed away on Sunday. I’m not familiar with him or his band, so it seems an apt time to listen to the album that track comes from.

Für Immer was the band’s fifth album out of seven, and it’s quite surprising to find that something as niche and dark as this was released on a major label like Virgin. I instantly like the fact that the album is entirely in German, giving it a real and non-commercialised feel.

It’s a good sound they’ve got going too. The analogue synthesizers pulse and bobble along on opener ‘Im Dschungel Der Liebe’ (‘In the Jungle of Love’), as Delgado’s vocals, more spoken than sung, carry a Bowie-esque gravitas. Better still is the harsh, industrial second track, ‘Ein Bisschen Krieg’ (A Bit of War).

As is often the case with krautrock/Neue Deutsche Welle music, tracks don’t change much as they go on, relying on one loop throughout, but by no means do they all sound the same. ‘Geheimnis’ (‘Secret’) is pretty poppy and catchy, while ‘Wer Schön Sein Will Muss Leiden’ (‘Whoever Wants To Be Beautiful Must Suffer’) is something of a dance effort.

But this, despite the lack of guitars, is definitely a punk album. If the synthesizers were replaced with guitars, you’d unquestionably call it punk or post-punk. I sense maybe Für Immer isn’t DAF’s best album, but I still enjoyed it and want to hear more from this German new wave scene.

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