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Album #211: Orchards – Lovecore

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Brighton, England
  • Label: Big Scary Monsters
  • Best Track: Stealing Your Sleep

I listened to this debut from Brighton alt-pop band Orchards upon its release in March, but didn’t get round to a write-up on it. I wasn’t sure about it, if I’m honest.

I thought I’d give it another chance now and…I’m still kind of not sure. It’s original, and well put-together. It’s very poppy though, and being such a clean and dancy record, this belies some of the complex, math-rock style rhythms that go into it.

The bouncy guitars and infectious choruses are generally likeable. I want to enjoy them more but I think this music’s maybe just a bit too chic for me. I feel like I’d stick out like a sore thumb cluelessly nodding along to ‘Girlfriend’ or ‘Vacancy’ at a show, as they sound a bit ├╝ber cool. It’s impossible not to enjoy the sheer catchiness of ‘Stealing Your Sleep’ and ‘Luv U 2’ though, and the more ghostly, ’80s sounding ‘Give Me’ goes down well.

Not quite my cup of tea then, but I can understand why people might like them and wouldn’t be surprised if they got a lot bigger. Good luck to them if they do.

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