Album #263: Neptunian Maximalism – Éons

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Brussels, Belgium
  • Label: I, Voidhanger
  • Best Track: Oi Sonuf Vaoresaji!

Though Neptunian Maximalism is made up of what’s described as a “collective” of experienced musicians, this album is technically a debut, and perhaps one of the most extravagant and ambitious entrances to the world of music I’ve ever heard.

Released in June, I don’t know if the title Éons alludes to its playing time, because this album is TWO HOURS AND EIGHT MINUTES long! I consider 45 minutes a long album, but in physical format, this behemoth is three CDs.

I try to listen to every album at least twice, usually more times, before I write anything about it, but I’m afraid that’s going to happen with this one. I did quite like it during my one listen to it – the satisfying drone, the freeform jazz, the improvisational psychedelia and the odd bit of guttural metal vocals. It’s not really the sort of album to recommend a “best track” but the dark minimalism ‘Oi Sonuf Vaoresaji!’ struck a chord with me.

It’s main feature is its sheer duration, though, exacerbated by the fact that it almost sounds like one big outro that could end at any moment. I don’t quite have the attention span for it, but hats off to them for a real compendium of creative alternative music.

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