Album #261: Tapeworms – Funtastic

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Lille, France
  • Label: Howlin’ Banana
  • Best Track: Round and Round

I think another Friday will pass before I get through everything from last Friday I wanted to cover. This debut from French electro-pop/rock trio Tapeworms wasn’t even on my list originally, but it’s become my main listen over the last 24 hours.

When discussing Anna von Hausswolff on my last blog, I mentioned that her new album sounds very Nordic. Similarly, Funtastic sounds typically French, evoking some of the space-pop elements of their compatriots Air, and the artistry and experimentation of semi-compatriots Stereolab.

Some tracks are a little more abrasive, such as ‘Crush Your Love’, and these ones appeal most to my tastes. The last two tracks are excellent, with ‘Round and Round’ hypnotic and semiconscious, and ‘Alternative Ending’ a rousing conclusion.

It’s a pretty rounded and focused debut from a band whose influences are clear, but look to have plenty of potential.

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