Album #260: Anna von Hausswolff – All Thoughts Fly

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Label: Southern Lord
  • Best Track: Persefone

Something a little different now, with the new album from Swedish neoclassical darkwave composer Anna n Hausswolff.

It’s her fifth album, but my first experience of her music – and it’s a rewarding one. With lament of the pipe organ as its backbone, All Thoughts Fly is a deeply atmospheric acousting album that would sound more at home in a cathedral than a recording studio.

With its mournful drone, it feels a Nordic album, conjuring up memories of Sigur Ros’s brilliant () in parts. It’s albums like this where I regret always insisting on choosing a best track for each album, as it’s not meant for skipping and it’s more accurate to say there are attention-grabbing “parts” or “moments”. Saying that, I do love the slow-paced probe of ‘Persefone’ and the hypnotic swirling of the title track.

Interesting and worthwhile, whether you give it your full attention of just have it on in the background.

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