Album #259: Surfer Blood – Carefree Theater

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
  • Label: Kanine
  • Best Track: In the Tempest’s Eye

Everyone in the indie community’s heart went out to Surfer Blood in 2015 when guitarist Thomas Fekete died at the age of just 27. A devastating thing for any band to deal with, it also suddenly meant that the band was forced to rejig their line-up and channel darkness and grief into a sound that had generally been breezy and light-hearted.

They managed this commendably well with 2017’s Snowdonia, and new album Carefree Theatre continues the transition of a band picking up the pieces and still putting out a high quality of work. They sound best on the slightly more biting tracks like ‘Parkland (Into the Silence)’ for me, while the winding keyboards and guitars of ‘In the Tempest’s Eye’ represents the catchiest track.

It is a little too sleepy in parts for my liking though, with the second half of the album a bit short of oomph. Still, you expect nothing from Surfer Blood if not twee-pop melodies, and this album shows that they remain as good as anyone for what they do.

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