Album #248: Marker – Marker

  • Released: 2017
  • Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • Label: Medical Records
  • Best Track: Now I Know What You Really Think

A contender for Now That’s What I Call Difficult to Google!, this three-year-old self-titled album by New Orleans project Marker appeared on my Facebook earlier this week.

The track I heard sounded up my street with its gloomy, echoing bass and layered, indecipherable vocals, so I gave it a go.

The criticisms of this record are obvious – it’s unoriginal, the songs all sound the same and you can’t make out a bloody word he’s saying. They’re all fair points, but I’d say none of them matter much. The record is atmospheric and the mumbled, lost vocals add to this. Plus they’re actually quite impressive – at times, like on opener ‘Identification of AA Woman’, he’s almost harmonising with himself.

The record is grave and sinister, with the guitars gurgling like a drowned alleyway on tracks like ‘Now I Know What You Really Think’, and the balance of post-punk and shoegaze, if a little samey, is pulled off well throughout the album

You wouldn’t want to listen to it while walking alone in the dark, and given it appears to be entirely the work of one man – Mike Wilkinson – it’s a powerful accomplishment.

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