Album #242: Uniform – Shame

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: New York City, USA
  • Label: Sacred Bones
  • Best Track: Delco

I think yesterday I heard the first non-ironic mention of Christmas. Given its been a turd of a year, the end of 2020 will probably be warmly welcomed, except that it does mean I’m running short of time on this blog, where I remain over 10 albums behind schedule.

I think I need to promise myself not to let a day pass without a review, as every time that happens, I lose ground and undo any catching up I’ve done.

It also perhaps means listening to some unfamiliar stuff and blagging a review of it. That’s probably the case for this brand new album from noise rock/industrial metal outfit Uniform.

Fourth album Shame is not exactly the sort of music I normally go for, but I really like the post-hardcore power and energy of opening track ‘Delco’.

After that, I’m pretty indifferent to the rest of the album. It’s inoffensive, and lyrically interesting at times, like the “That’s why I…” list on the title track.

Not quite my scene, but technically impressive and it sounds like considerable labour had gone into the record.

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