Album #236: Sprain – As Lost Through Collision

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Label: The Flenser
  • Best Track: Worship House

I like to give them a chance, these post-rock/metal albums consisting of five or six elongated tracks. It’s rare that I hate them, but pretty rare that I love them too.

Sprain’s debut As Lost Though Collision is definitely one of the better albums of this ilk I’ve heard. From this type of record, I hope to hear changes in tempo, volume and intensity, and a bit of experimentation, and that’s what Sprain offer. They’re not just playing the crap out of the same riff.

‘My Way Out’ is almost silent for large parts, with the vague twinkling of guitars barely audible. They’re great at making an almighty racket though, as they do on ‘Worship House’, continuing on the 15-minute ‘Everything’.

A much better album than I expected!

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