Album #235: Throwing Muses – Sun Racket

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Newport, Rhode Island, USA
  • Label: Fire
  • Best Track: Dark Blue

Throwing Muses are one of those bands I know I like even though I haven’t heard that much of them. Their tenth studio album, and their first since 2013’s Purgatory / Paradise, came out on Friday.

I liked the singled that had been dropped before the album’s release. In particularly, the opener ‘Dark Blue’ has these brilliantly grungy, sludgy guitars, cut through by Kristin Hersh’s mean, gravelly vocals.

The singles stand out so far, with ‘Frosting’ seeing Hirsh sounding at her most menacing. Elsewhere, Sun Racket is probably a solid four-star album rather than anything that blows me away, but I will give it more time.

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