Allbum #229: Widowspeak – Plum

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: New York City, USA
  • Label: Captured Tracks
  • Best Track: Money

Another new release from Friday, and a band I’ve never listened to before. Plum is the fifth album by the New York indie rock/dream-pop four-piece Widowspeak, and is a style of music that I’m not whether to chill out to, or be chilled by.

Songs vary between the poetic and the very real. A theme of nature crops up repeatedly, especially on the title track and opener where Molly Hamilton surmises “You’re a peach and I’m a plum”. It seems to be self-deprecating, with the plum being sour, odd-shaped and easily bruised.

Elsewhere, the album is generally dreamy and relaxing, but at times probing, such as on ‘Amy’ and the matter-of-fact “money doesn’t grow on trees” refrain of ‘Money’.

I will have to delve into their back catalogue, as this really grabbed me.

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