Album #225: Sakuran Zensen – おれは錯乱前戦だ!!おれは錯乱前戦だ!!

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Tokyo, Japan
  • Label: たわしレコーズ (Scourer Records)
  • Best Track: ロンドンブーツ (London Boots)

There’s a rumour doing the rounds that the support band for the next time IDLES’ tour Japan will be a five-piece from Tokyo called Sakuran Zensen. Probably total nonsense, but enough to encourage me to listen to their debut album released back in March.

According to Google Translate, the title of the album means “I’m in the last round of confusion” in English. I’ve heard worse album names, I suppose! All songs and their titles are in Japanese with the exception of track 6, called ‘boy meets boys’.

Overall, it’s pretty straight-up punk featuring Ramones-style riffs and boisterous vocals, but they certainly seem to put their all into it. Track 7 (translating as ‘London Boots’) and 8 (‘Taxi Man’ – the video for this one is above) are both typically Japanese noisiness, with the former even complemented by smatterings of harmonica. The closing track (Monkey O Mankey) is a delightful din too.

Though nothing I haven’t heard before, the record does a good job of capturing the band’s energy and chaos. You can tell they are wholehearted performers, which would no doubt go down well with IDLES’ high-spirited fans.

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