Album #207: Silverbacks – Fad

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Dublin, Ireland
  • Label: Central Tone
  • Best Track: Just in the Band

Ireland seems to be oozing quality music at the moment. Here’s a debut album released just a few weeks ago that runs the gamut of just about everything art/post-punk.

Silverbacks are a Dublin-based five-piece that aren’t easy to pinpoint. Their debut Fad features both driving post-punk and complex math-rock-style rhythms, both performed with aplomb.

The energy and vigour of ‘Just in the Band’ is probably my high spot, but I had a hard time deciding on my favourite track. I particularly like the ones where bassist Emma Hanlon takes the lead vocals, like the krautrocky ‘Klub Silberrücken’ and the ’90s vibes of ‘Up the Nurses’, while ‘Muted Gold’ sees them pull off an enjoyable bit of dance-punk with ease.

An excellent debut. Give it a spin!

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