Album #196: Neon Trees – I Can Feel You Forgetting Me

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Provo, Utah, USA
  • Label: Thrill Forever
  • Best Track: Nights

I tend to like bands with ‘Trees’ in their name. Screaming Trees and And Also the Trees are two examples, along with the Polish band The Feral Trees who I discovered earlier this year. Plus I like trees themselves – how could you not?

Sadly, Neon Trees are the exception to the rule. From what I’d previously heard of this band, I wasn’t expecting to be keen on their fourth album I Can Feel You Forgetting Me, and so it’s proved.

The songs aren’t bad, and I could see another band doing them and impressing me much more, but the presentation is just way too slick and poppy for my liking. Closer to a pop record that an indie one, the vocals are almost boyband-like at times, and the lyrics and album title are a tad pretentious, not unlike those of the vainglorious The 1975. I don’t mind opening track ‘Nights’, but even that’s overdone.

No, not for me at all this one, I’m afraid. But if you like pop with guitars, maybe you’ll take to it better than I did.

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