Album #191: Cheesemind – Say Good Bye Enterprise

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Xiamen, China
  • Label: Sango/Qiii Snacks
  • Best Track: The Call

I found Chinese dream pop band Cheesemind on a list of great 2020 albums (this one, in the spirit of helping fellow music bloggers) I looked at yesterday, so thought they’re new LP sounded an interesting listen.

This album is as chilled as it gets – perhaps a little too chilled if anything, as some of the middle tracks are a bit pedestrian to me. I love the guitars though, especially when they strike their lazy, sun-kissed tone like midway through opener ‘Say Good Bye’ and start of ‘Just Imagine’, or when they linger and cycle like on the lovely ‘The Call’.

Meanwhile, ‘Somnambulate’ hovers and wobbles in the dreamlike state its title suggests, and is one of the better examples of a slower track on the record.

Say Good Bye Enterprise is a little too passive for me to really love, but it makes an ample soundtrack to a carefree, summer day, and the songwriting is pretty accomplished.

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