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Album #186: 1000mods – Youth of Dissent

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Chiliomodi, Greece
  • Label: Ouga Booga and the Mighty Oug
  • Best Track: Less is More

To Greece for the next entry in this blog. I’m surprised how much of the world I’ve managed to cover so far, without actually going out of my way to look for music from lesser-heard parts of the world. Well, I have a few times (Colombia’s Los Suziox and Belarus’s Messed Up) but most of it has been pretty natural.

1000mods, if said in the band’s native language, sounds a lot like their home town of Chiliomodi. Their sound is very American though, reminding me of the grunge of Pearl Jam and the stoner rock of Queens of the Stone Age.

It comes together pretty nicely on their fourth album Youth of Dissent, which came out in April. The crunching menacing guitars of ‘Lucid’ make for a great opener, while the snarl of ‘Less is More’ (perhaps a riposte to the Murder Capital’s anthem ‘More is Less‘ from last year?) sets it apart too.

I’m not sure I’d hurry to listen to this record again, but after a bit of a post-punk overload of late, I suppose it was a welcome change.

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