Album #183: FACS – Void Moments

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Label: Trouble in Mind
  • Best Track: Teenage Hive

I probably don’t pay as much attention to labels as I should do. When I was reading up on Lithics yesterday, I noticed that another band I love, Omni, were on the same label. Maybe Trouble in Mind have a whole roster of great bands signed up? I thought I’d listen to another release on the label from earlier this year.

FACS are art-rock band who dropped their third album (their third within in two years, in fact) back in March. This is pretty noisy, experimental stuff, and I instantly took to it.

‘Teenage Hive’ stands out, with its vaguely funky undertones behind the post-punk atmosphere, but some of the longer and more abstract cuts on this seven-track, 30-minute album are highly rewarding. Some, like ‘Void Walker’, grow and growl into this fuzzy crescendo. ‘Version’, on the contrary, seems to do the opposite and disintegrate, its rhythm gradually descending into guitar remnants and irregular drums.

An interesting and hypnotic listen.

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