Album #171: Grey Daze – Amends

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  • Label: Loma Vista
  • Best Track: Sometimes

I’ve never been a massive fan of Linkin Park, but I felt I had to listen to this record. Grey Daze was a band fronted by the late Chester Bennington before he found fame in the early 2000s nu-metal explosion.

Almost three years after Bennington took his own life, this remastered album piecing together the band’s historic work is released, and in the context of his suicide, it’s hard not to see it as haunting.

Bennington’s lyrics are very direct and clearly address his mental state. On ‘Sometimes’, as he growls “I don’t know what to think anymore/Maybe things will get better/Maybe things will get brighter”, you can help but feel a crushing sadness that things didn’t for him.

He always had a brilliant, powerful voice, and this comes to the fore once more on ‘Morei Sky’. Again, the lyrics are blunt, soul-searching and ultimately helpless (If I had a second change I’d make amends/Only to find myself losing in the end).

Amends has similar effect on the listener to Joy Division’s Closer. It’s finite, a full stop, or even a suicide note. Though the music itself is not something I can get excited about, the album is one of the most important listens of this year.

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