Album #155: Coriky – Coriky

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Washington D. C., USA
  • Label: Dischord
  • Best Track: Inauguration Day

Ian Mackaye is just not capable of making crap music, is he? Whether it’s his early years as Minor Threat frontman, his legendary band Fugazi, the wonderful if short-lived Embrace or his most recent work with The Evens, none of it is even iffy or mediocre, let alone poor.

His latest project, Coriky, alongside his wife Amy Farina and bandmate Joe Lally, doesn’t disappoint either with this self-titled debut. It’s not a drastic departure from what he’s been doing for years – fairly minimalist post-punk riffs, quiet verses and loud choruses (particularly the excellent ‘Hard to Explain’), and lyrics that convey a pondersome sense of frustration and futility.

Mackaye’s words rarely come from the obvious angle. On ‘Inauguration Day’, you can hazard a guess which president he’s taking fire at when he taunts “There’s some people here to see you/I don’t think they agree with you,” but overall he seems to be getting at something bigger than the clown in the White House. Lyrics like “What’s surprising is the expectation/That we ever had a say/About who’d be standing on that carpet/On inauguration day” appear to question the entire democratic process in the States.

I need a little more time to digest some of the lyrics, and the whole album in fact, but I can tell it’s going to be one of my favourites of the year.

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