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Album #153: Beach Bunny – Honeymoon

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Label: Mom+Pop
  • Best Track: Colorblind

I had a couple of new albums on my list for Friday, but I’ll come to them later. I spent most of the day listening to this debut from indie-poppers Beach Bunny, released back in February.

After dropping a few EPs over the last few years, Honeymoon is the first album from this Chicago four-piece. I thought I detected an Aussie accent in Lili Trifilio’s vocals on first listen, but that might just be because their sound is not dissimilar to that of New Zealand’s The Beths.

This is a very poppy record, more so than I’d usually go for. Tracks like ‘Ms. California’ almost sound like something you could imagine Taylor Swift singing.

However, I’m very fond of the album. The choruses and lyrics are unbelievably catchy, whether chirpy and pacy like on ‘Cuffing Season’, or on the sad and ballad-like ‘Racetrack’. The album peaks with the twinkling guitars and rousing chorus of ‘Colorblind’.

Weirdly, what made me check this out was a fairly unflattering review from Anthony Fantano, where he basically just said it’s an OK album for the genre. He’s kind of right, I suppose, but it’s a good genre, so that makes it a good album as far as I’m concerned. A really promising debut.

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