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Album #151: Muzz – Muzz

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: New York City, USA
  • Label: Matador
  • Best Track: Knuckleduster

When I first heard the Muzz single ‘Knuckleduster’ a couple of weeks ago, I had a strange reaction to it. I didn’t really like it, but I had a strong feeling that with a few more listens, I would do.

I also had no idea who or what Muzz were at the time. It turns out they’re a supergroup fronted by Interpol’s Paul Banks. I’d never have guessed the vocalist was Banks, as for this project he’s lost the low-register and scuzzy, garagey drench synonymous with his main group.

First of all, I was right about ‘Knuckleduster’, which I now think is a brilliant song. Interestingly, it’s a song that sounds like it’s building to something throughout but never quite gets there, yet is all the better for it. With it’s vague and cryptic lyrics, it has a mystique that makes me want to listen to it again and again and discover something new.

‘Red Western Sky’ and ‘Chubby Checker’ stand out too, with their lyrics repeating like hammer blows, and ‘All is Dead to Me’ and ‘Trinidad’ close the album really beautifully.

With some of Interpol’s more recent offerings a bit uninspired, this album is really refreshing and shows Banks still has plenty in his locker.

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