Album #144: Pip Blom – Boat

  • Released: 2020
  • Origin: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Label: Heavenly
  • Best Track: Say It

I don’t know why it’s taken me over a month to listen to this debut album. It’s like I’d forgotten how much I liked what I’d heard previously from Pip Blom. I’m also not sure whether Pip Blom is an ‘is’ or an ‘are’ – it’s the lead singer’s name but they seem to be referred to intermittently as a band.

I’ll go with the singular. Blom is a young Dutchwoman who has creating a bit of a stir with her melodic, lo-fi offerings. Her first full-length album, Boat, lives up to expectations and in fact really hits the spot. There’s no weak track on it.

Songs are kind of dirgy and repetitive at times, but personally I sort of like that, and there’s one killer chorus after another on this feelgood record, from the probing ‘Daddy Issues’ to the rousing ‘Ruby’. Simple and lovable, the songs quickly get lodged in your brain and you can’t help but belt out the choruses when they come road. ‘Say It’ is the best of the bunch for me – yes, it’s another great chorus, but the instrumental parts rock as well. I love that section that starts at the 3:34 mark.

Cracking debut! Some really good stuff coming out of the Netherlands right now.

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